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Commissions [Currently Closed]

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Thanks for submitting!

Please note [Commissions Are Currently Closed]

Dimensions for the piece itself or the paper works. People often enjoy common framing sizes for convenience but I can cut to any desired sizing.

Complexity of the design
As much information as you can provide here helps, details such as:
- How many figure/animals in the art piece
- Portrait or full body
- Background
- Features that are important to you to include


(Please feel free to include any reference pictures you may have to help paint a full picture of what you’re looking for)

For portraiture, please try and provide HQ/large photos of your subject. These are very beneficial to me as they allow me to zoom in and see as much detail as possible to include in the final piece.


To send photos please email them to:


What's next?

  • I require 50% upfront and 50% upon completion of the design. 

  • I will email HQ photos to you after the final invoice.

  • Please note that shipping the print to you will incur additional P&P fee.

  • Shipping prices can be estimated before payment, please send through your country, state and zip code.

  • You will receive updates during the "sketching" stage where we can make amendments to the design to match your vision. After shading/coloring, changes cannot be made.

  • My art is mostly live streamed, I will ask your consent for this. For privacy or surprise reasons it can also be done off stream.

  • Your artwork will sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard, a plastic sleeve and mailed flat to prevent bending or creasing.

  • If you would like any examples of my prices, please email me at

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